Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Act early to stop leprosy, Guizhou expert urges

translated by Michael Woodhead
Leprosy is still a problem in some parts of China, but it can be controlled if detected and treated early enough, an infectious diseases expert from Guizhou has said.
Speakin in International Leprosy Action Week, Dr Li Jinlan of the Guizhou Centre for Disease Control and Prevention said leprosy is still present in poor districts parts of southern China where hygiene standards were low. He said leprosy needed warm and humid conditions to thrive, but it could be controlled if the symptoms were detected early and chemotherapy give. According to Guangming Daily, he urged Chinese citizens to remember the 'Three roots' to leprosy.  The first root is awareness of the the possibility of leprosy, especially in people who have a long-lasting rash, skin lumps, white spots and numbness of the skin. The second factor is to have experienced clinics that can recognise and treat leprosy in a timely way. The third root is to be not afraid of seeking diagnosis and treatment due to stigma. Dr Li said leprosy was often transmitted within families and relatives should arrange for anyone they suspect to have leprosy to be checked out.

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