Monday, 2 December 2013

X-rays help diagnose and monitor A (H7N9) influenza

X-rays are an effective way of diagnosing novel influenza A (H7N9) and monitoring the response of the viral infection to treatment according to radiologists in Shanghai.
In a case series of eight patients who had the infection, Dr Shi Yuxin and colleagues at the Department of Radiology, Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center, found that bedside chest radiography was helpful for evaluating patients with severe clinical symptoms of H7N9 influenza and for follow-up evaluation.
They found the most common imaging findings were a mixture of ground glass opacity and consolidation, and pleural effusion was common. Most cases of novel H7N9 influenza had a poor short-time treatment response, and seemed to have either rapid progressive radiographic deterioration or fluctuating radiographic changes.
“The distribution, rapid progression of fluctuations of pneumonia, and consolidations may help differentiate H7N9 infection from other causes of pneumonia,” the radiologists said.
Full study: Chinese Medical Journal

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