Friday, 6 December 2013

Woman advised to have abortion after being given wrong pill

A woman has been told she should have an abortion after a doctor mistakenly prescribed a contraceptive pill instead of the progesterone she needed.
There is a high possibility the fetus will be deformed, according to a report on yesterday.
Suzhou Municipal Hospital has admitted the error and offered to pay 26,600 yuan (US$ 4,290) compensation and to terminate the pregnancy.
But it has refused to accept responsibility if the 32-year-old, surnamed Chen, can't have another baby or if she suffers complications.
"There are many causes for infertility, which may not be related with taking the wrong medicine or receiving the abortion," said Chen Jian, a hospital vice president. "We can't give promises on uncertain things."
The couple criticized the hospital for its failure to accept responsibility.
Hospital officials said the couple can lodge a lawsuit if the two parties fail to reach an agreement.
The woman was one month pregnant when she was given the wrong medicine on November 20. She went back to the hospital five days later after feeling sick.
The doctor admitted his mistake right away, she said.
Experts asked by the hospital to do a group diagnosis suggested that she have an abortion because there was a high risk of deformity.
Source: Women of China

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