Sunday, 29 December 2013

What are the new "The Nine Forbiddens" for China's hospitals and medical staff?

The National Health and Family Planning Commission has issued a list of "Nine Forbiddens" (“九不准”) outlining nine prohibited activities for hospitals and medical staff, in an effort to stamp out bribery, corruption and unhealthy commercial activities in the healthcare sector.

Under the rules, medical and hospital staff are:

1. Not allowed to have individual salaries linked to income from pharmaceutical products or medical tests.

2. Not allowed to receive percentages of medical billing.

3. Not allowed to charge unauthorised fees.

4. Not allowed to accept unauthorised community charitable donations or subsidies from community.

5. Not allowed to participate in sales and marketing activities or put out unauthorised medical adverts.

6. Not allowed to be involved in business cartels

7. Not allowed to be involved in unauthorised private procurement of medical and drug supplies

8. Not allowed to accept kickbacks

9. Not allowed to accept red envelopes and other inducements from patients

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