Friday, 6 December 2013

Second rate Korean cosmetic surgeons use China as a training ground

How dare the so-called “gold medal doctors” from South Korea do plastic surgery without China’s medical certification? Recently, we found some Korean plastic surgeons working in Shenyang City. Korean doctors were organized by beauty salons to make plastic surgeries in China, some of them even have little clinical experience Some beauty salons work as intermediary to organize Korean doctors to practice as plastic surgeons in China.
A 22 year old college student spent 8000 yuan on plastic surgery. She never knows after the surgery, her lip is out of shape and she cannot see her friends and parents; a woman’s face was asymmetric after a 100,000-yuan plastic surgery. “They are lucky because their losses could still be repaired” Xiao Zhang, a girl in Shenyang told us her story.
In June, Xiao Zhang saw a “Korean double-fold eyelid” advertisement on the Internet. According to the ad, “the surgery will be operated by famed doctor in Korea.” Xiao Zhang spent 30,000 yuan to do the surgery hoping to have a more beautiful face. However, after the surgery, she cannot blink her eyes.
She went to hospital and found the levator palpabrae superioris muscles have been cut during the “double-fold eyelid surgery”. Her family felt angry when they realized the truth but they cannot do anything as the culprits already disappeared. Finally, Xiao Zhang could do nothing but to seek rehab treatments.
According to the chairman of Liaoning Hairdressing & Beauty Association Cheng Liguo, some beauty salons describe second or third-rate doctors as first-rate. “In Korea, the number of the so-called ‘gold-metal’ plastic surgeons is small. They are too busy in Korea to come to China. However, young surgeons new to cosmetic surgery would like to come to China to practice their skill.”
After misleading propaganda and undocumented business, crossover operation also exist in cosmetics industry. Many salons’ business licenses said they just can provide “life consmetology”, but “medical consmetology” projects usually are included in their services. According to Cheng, life consmetology is physiotherapy like massage, but medical consmetology means surgery which belongs to medical surgery.
What’s more, the products also made us worried. As we know, cosmetic products are expensive. For quick profits, small salons usually choose cheaper products which are bought from illegal stores. These cheaper products always carry fake labels for a higher price.
If you want to do plastic surgery, be careful about qualifications of the institution. Meanwhile, the doctor should have three certificates in China, including medical certificate, license to practice medicine and license of attending doctor to practice plastic surgery. If he or she is a foreigner, you should check his or her Temporary License for Foreign Physician to Practice Medicine in China.
Source: Guangming Online

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