Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Post-natal care comes with a hefty price tag

Post-natal care in China has taken a new twist in recent years. Modern moms are after non-conventional ways to help them recover after childbirth. Westernized, one-stop services are popular among first-time parents who are the only child.
First-time mom Xun Yanna was looking for a modern answer to the Chinese tradition of Zuoyuezi.
The term refers to new mothers having to stay indoors and not work for the first month after giving birth.
"I don't have to worry about anything. I have everything I need to recover and to feel and look energized again. It's every woman's dream to have this five-star service," Xun says.
Five-star service with a hefty price tag - some start at around 120-thousand reminbi or about 20,000 US dollars. But Xun says most modern moms like herself go against tradition and don't want to burden their parents.
They prefer professional post-natal care and don't mind paying.
Rene Liu is cashing in on this mentality. She's the founder and chairman of a post-natal care center that fulfills Chinese needs, unconventionally.
"We combine international standards. We have the best medical support. We hire professional doulas to help the parents," Liu. Chaiman of Icloud Mom & Infant Healthcare Center, says.
Liu says her center is all about pampering her clients.
They get the best of both western and Chinese nutrition and are supported by a team of healthcare professionals.
Her target clients are the single child who's becoming parent for the first time.
She says they want to be healthy and good parents.
Post-natal care centers started to spring up in the last five to eight years. There are about 200 of them around China right now and the sector is expanding fast. Comes the boom, comes the demand for high quality.
New parents have become extra cautious after reports of health scares at some centers.
Dr. Jui Guiyong says there's a need to standardize services and recommends post-natal care with strong medical support.
She's head obstetrician of a hospital that's linked to a post-natal care center.
"This way we can observe our clients closely and immediately detect any medical conditions or risks for both mom and baby," Jui says.
Reassurance soon-to-be moms like Lu Fengjiao needs. After months of shopping around, she's settled for a care package that offers both the luxury and quality.
Source: CNTV

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