Saturday, 7 December 2013

Medical publisher to expand in China

The medical journal publisher Elsevier announced today that it is strengthening and refocusing the scope of its long-standing relationship with China Science Publishing & Media Ltd. (CSPM) to create an international publishing platform for English-language medical journals that brings the expanding wealth of research originating from China to the world.
The announcement from Reed-Elsevier, which publishes medical journals such as The Lancet, comes at a time when China is emerging as a major contributor to the international scientific community, being the second most prolific publisher of research articles after the US and ahead of the United Kingdom.
Elsevier's partnership with CSPM, China's largest science technology and medical publisher, began in 2007 as a joint-venture for books services through the joint entity, KeAi Communications (KeAi).
To provide the necessary publishing support for the rapid growth of China's academic research output in alignment with the Chinese government's push for greater science and technology development, Elsevier is refocusing its strategic relationship with CSPM by expanding the scope of KeAi's offering to include publishing services for English-language science technology and medical journals and scientific evaluation of China-based journals.
The renewed focus includes putting in place strategic resources for the creation of a high-quality international publishing platform to provide publishing services for English-language science technology and medical journals in China and offer scientific evaluation to journals in China.
Through the new publishing services, Elsevier and CSPM are well-positioned to support China's publishing industry to improve the international standing and quality of research originating from China; promote research work from local scholastic community more broadly and boost China's academic influence and share of voice through Elsevier's editorial board membership that provides access to influential global scientific networks.
"The time is right to elevate the standard of China's academic and publishing industries and take them to the next level," said Bin Peng, Vice President of China Science Publishing & Media Ltd. "I hope KeAi will become a platform to support the globalization of English-language journals originating from China."
"Elsevier's heritage, strength and expertise in academic publishing has allowed us to meaningfully participate in developing world-leading publishing services that serve to elevate and amplify the wealth of China's growing scholarly research contribution to the world," said Yukun Harsono, Elsevier's Managing Director of Great China. "Our partnership with CSPM also brings publishing best practices that will further raise the profile of Chinese research and encourage greater collaboration amongst the international academic community."
Source: Elsevier

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