Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Fujian man hijacks ambulance to take girlfriend to hospital

A man named Shi was detained in Fujian province last week after he hijacked an ambulance in an effort to get his ill girlfriend to the hospital, according to reports.
Police said the man will be serving 20 days' detention for "disturbing order at a workplace" after he attacked the ambulance's driver so that he could steer the vehicle.
Netizens are now debating whether or not the man's actions were just, with many praising his determination to help the girl, who was suffering from gas poisoning.
"This just goes to prove that in China you have to do things yourself," one user said.
The woman had originally been admitted to the Xiamen Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine but had to be transferred to another hospital with more suitable equipment. Shi, who was impatient after filling out lengthy paperwork, assaulted the ambulance driver so that he could get her to the next location more quickly.
The doctor in the ambulance said in reports that the woman's life had not been in danger.
Source: Shanghaiist

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