Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Elderly female doctor attacked and concussed by family at Beijing hospital

by Michael Woodhead
A 72-year-old female doctor at Yuanyamei Hospital in Changping district of Beijing is recovering from concussion after being struck on the head in an attack by family members of an infant girl who had been taken to hospital for treatment.
The incident, which occurred on 25 December, was said to have resulted from an argument between a Dr Li and family members after they were told to take their daughter to a clinic where they had already been turned away from after waiting several hours. They claimed the female doctor had insulted and abused the child, accusations that the doctor denies.
After the incident both parties were taken to the police station where mediation is underway.
According to hospital board president Mr Liu, the female doctor know as Li was a senior clinician and had worked at the hospital for more than a year. On the 24th December a 30 year old female brought a 20-month old daughter to the gynaecology department of the hospital for treatment. After waiting there she was told to take the child to the paediatrics department.  When the infant was seen by Dr Li and she heard of the infant's condition she suggested the girl be taken to the gynecology department for treatment, and the treatment fee be refunded.
On the 25th the mother returned to the hospital to lodge a formal complaint to the hospital manager, alleging that Dr Li had assaulted and abused their daughter, and she demanded an apology. The manager suggested that the two parties meet to discuss the situation. At that time, Dr Li was in the middle of a clinic and requested that the mother wait outside for her to finish. The mother suddenly burst ito the consulting room and smacked Dr Li on the side of her head, causing concussion. During the attack she said "I will teach you a lesson."
Dr Li was left concussed and diorientated by the assault, and the mother took advantage of the confusion to flee. However, she was apprehended by security staff outside the hospital and brought back.
When Dr Li recovered, both parties were taken to the police station for questioning. A hospital insider said  Dr Li had a reputation for being short tempered and sometimes impolite in her speech. However, Dr Li rejected the accusations that she had humiliated the child or argued with the mother and said she was baffled by the unexpected attack on her. She was suffering concussion and los of hearing and blurred eyesight on her left side where she had been struck. The mother and family of the child had offered 2000 RMB in compensation, but Dr Li and her family were now demanding 20,000 RMB in compensation for her injuries.
The original report by Zhang Guijia is published in the Legal Evening News.

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