Wednesday, 11 December 2013

'Cancer street' set up by Hunan outpatients having treatment

Half a kilometer in length, the narrow Jiatong Street that cuts through the Hunan Provincial Tumor Hospital and Hunan Normal University Medical College has been dubbed "Cancer Street," as it is populated by hundreds of cancer patients seeking treatment at the hospital. 
It began with some patients who rented apartments in the street for long-term medical treatment, and after some time it naturally developed into a neighborhood accommodating hundreds of patients, most of whom live here for a couple of months at a time.
The street has fully adapted to its population. Small hotels full of tenants occupy this area, with groceries, eateries and pharmacies serving their needs. It looks like a common, rundown yet lively backstreet seen in most cities, but look closer and the vegetable shops here also sell stoves and woks to tenants, clothing shops offer wigs to those losing hair from radioactive treatment, and pharmacies and clinics are also a source of psychological support for patients fighting the fear of cancer.
On a fine day, tenants spread white bedding under the sun, like those in the hospital. Coming from all over the province, the tenants usually share their experiences in combating the diseases and try to encourage each other.
Some patients who have recovered and left Jiatong Street call it the "old place" that they will visit again, but not everyone will be fortunate enough to reminisce about this place.
Source: Global Times

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