Thursday, 26 December 2013

Beijing wants medical services in nursing homes

Beijing is seeking to set up medical institutions in nursing homes to improve medical services for seniors.
In addition, the city's more than 9,000 hospitals and community-based health service centers will also provide services to the graying society, according to the Beijing Civil Affairs Bureau.
Of the more than 400 nursing homes for the elderly, more than 30 provide medical services covered by national health insurance.
Statistics show that of the 9,800 medical institutes in the city, 1,897 are community-based health service centers, and these are more equipped and have more space and beds.
"We want to use the vacant beds and spare staff of the medical institutes," said Du Peng, a professor at Renmin University of China.
Under current policy, hospitals are not qualified to provide seniors with beds and a pension service, which has impeded the medical institutes from fully making use of its resources.
Source: City of Beijing

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