Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Family doctors arranged for Tianjin eco-city residents

A family doctor service was made available to residents of Tianjin's developing eco-city on Friday as part of an effort to build a Singaporean-style community in the northern China port city.
A doctor will be assigned to care for every 300 to 500 households, and each resident's health records will be monitored electronically.
The service, along with green-energy buses, apartments with energy conservation systems and a recycling center for kitchen garbage, is part of a development plan for an eco-conscious community.
The Tianjin eco-city, which is to serve as a model for future Chinese cities, was jointly planned by the Chinese and Singaporean governments.
Built on a salt pan, deserted beach and water areas, the eco-city, covering a total of 30 square kilometers, has so far attracted more than 2,000 households to move to the area.
"We are expecting more households to move in as more infrastructure is built," said Cui Guang'an, deputy director of the city's administration committee.
The eco-city, which has been under construction since 2007, will also have two rail transit lines to encourage residents to use public transportation.
Modeled after the Singaporean notion of the "neighborhood center", the eco-city will build community centers to handle grassroots and enrichment functions such as community management, healthcare, culture and sports and business services.
Liu Yang, 30, said he moved to the community because he was impressed by its facilities and focus on green technology.
Source: China Daily

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