Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Chinese medical staff risk burnout

by Wang Hongyi
Zhou Zhenghao always presents a smile when talking about his daughter, but his face grew tight when the talk turned to his daughter's career choice in the future.
“I will never let her become a doctor in the future. Furthermore, I will also never agree to let her to marry a doctor,” said the 31-year-old man who is a dentist at a large hospital in Tianjing municipality.
“People will never really know how hard and tough the job is, except when you are in the middle of it,” he said.
Zhou works for about 10 hours each day, with as many as 30 patients a day at peak times.
Like Zhou, a large number of medical staff across the country believe that they are working in an unsatisfying environment with less understanding of their patients.
A survey said about 74.2 percent of medical staff in Shanghai have job burnout, cited by Labor Daily, a newspaper under Shanghai Municipality Labor Union.
The survey conducted by the Shanghai Medical Labor Union, which polled about 170,000 medical staff in the city, tried to discover their occupation and living conditions.
The survey said about 72.5 percent of polled medical staff showed occupational strain caused by high-stress work, and more than 80 percent said “they are very tired.”
And nearly 60 percent said the trust between doctors and patients was not high. Medical costs, communication, treatment result and service attitude were the main factors contributing to the result.
Source: China Daily

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