Sunday, 10 November 2013

China to build a new "multi-functional healthy city" for a million people

An International Health Forum and the 2013 symposium of the chief editors of the “Medical Encyclopedia of China” took place on Friday at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing.
With the goal of discovering a healthier lifestyle for all, the forum attracted hundreds of industry leaders, experts, and government officials from the travel, urban planning and medical industries to draw up a blueprint for a better life.
The meeting consisted of six sub-forums, and the topics included “the development of health from the perspective of humanities”, “the internationalization of Chinese traditional medicine”, “a better medical security system”, “trends in health services”, “a new model for the medical neighborhood” and “a new model for a healthy city”.
During the sub-forum entitled “a new model of a healthy city”, Professor Zhou Muzhi of Tokyo Keizai University, world renowned Italian architect and designer Mario Bellini and Zhu Xiaoming, mayor of Zhenjiang City in China delivered speeches.
According to Zhu Xiaoming, Zhenjiang, an city on the east coast of China, is planning to build the first neo-ecological region in the country. The project began last year, and the region plans to build a pioneering ecological city of 220 square kilometers with a population of one million.
The new city applies modular city planning theory to solve the common problems of cities around the world and create a new type of city that is livable, productive, and environmentally sustainable.
Chief planner of the Zhenjiang neo-ecological city, Professor Zhou, explained the concept behind the plan. “[We are building] a multi-functional healthy city, equipped with a mature health care and social security system. Citizens who live in the city will not need to worry about transportation, the environment, medical care or education. All their needs can be met efficiently.”
Mario Bellini, the chief designer of the new plan, agreed with Professor Zhou. “In a healthy city, there is harmony and balance between the citizens and nature. They should both be nefit from each other,” he said, “although there are no ideal cities in the world at the moment, why not try to build one, to improve people’s lives?”

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