Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Wenzhou doctor gets her skates on

A female doctor in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, has started using roller skates to save time while on duty as she needs to shuttle between various hospital departments to treat patients, earning admiration from members of the online community.
The woman surnamed Cui, a cardiovascular physician at First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhu Meical College, said she was exhausted after running around the hospital all day and the roller skates made it a lot faster and easier.
Zhang Huaiqin, Cui's leader, was the first one to post her story online.
"The new hospital is 20 times larger than before and cardiac physicians have so many urgent consultations," he said.
Zhang said their own department has capacity for 153 patients, but they are frequently required to care for patients in other wards because there are a large number of elderly patients with high blood pressure and heart problems.
Doctors are expected to reach consultation offices within five minutes, according to a Ministry of Health rule. To save time, most physicians run between different hospital departments, Zhang said. Doctors can run up to 12 kilometers a day, he said.
Some netizens expressed admiration for Cui's devotion to her job.
"I have seen waiters with roller skates, but never doctors in a hospital. It's a good idea and should be advocated among physicians," a netizen said.
The hospital said it doesn't encourage others to follow Cui's example due to safety concerns.
Source: china.org.cn

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