Thursday, 21 February 2013

Hospitals banned from linking doctor's income to prescribing and investigation fees

The Chinese government on Wednesday released a guideline on its basic medicine system that forbids hospitals from linking doctors' incomes with their patients' medicine and medical exam expenses.
Some hospitals link doctors' pay with revenues earned through medication sales and exam fees, creating greater economic burdens for patients in some cases.
The guideline, released by the health and reform office under the State Council, or China's cabinet, is intended to consolidate and improve the basic medicine system and offer solutions for problems related to local-level health care reform.
The guideline also calls for efforts to teach medical staff to use basic medicine properly, as well as encourages non-governmental local medical institutions to use medications that are on the basic medicine list.
The guideline also calls for quality inspections for basic medicine and the implementation of electronic monitoring during the medication production process. It also asks for inspection results to be released to the public regularly.
Source: Xinhua

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