Friday, 15 February 2013

Four million Chinese have untreated mental disability

News findings from a Chinese study indicate there is huge unmet needs for mental health services among Chinese adults with mental disabilities, as well as socioeconomic inequalities in use.
In a study of almost 2 million adults, the prevalence rate of mental disability was 0.81%. From this, it was estimated that about half, or more than 4.2 million adults with a mental disability had never used a mental health service.
People were less likely to use mental health services if they lived in rural areas, had less education and were poor.
Dr Li Ning and co- researchers from Beijing University say mental disability in China has become a significant public health problem. However, few studies have examined utilization of mental health services in China among people with mental disabilities.  "Strategies are needed for enhancing community mental health service systems and reducing barriers to mental health service use in China," they conclude.
Source: Psychiatry Online

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