Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Beijing doctor claims to have cure for bone necrosis caused by corticosteroids

Most people think about the respiratory system when they think about SARS. Chen Weiheng knows it can also affect the pelvis.
The 50-year-old doctor and director of the China Academy of the Chinese Medical Sciences' Wangjing Hospital has spent the past decade treating patients with pelvic bone necrosis caused by the hormone therapies used to treat SARS and the necrosis often causes the affected pelvis to collapse.
Chen had focused on avascular necrosis of the femoral head (ANFH) since 1991. ANFH occurs when bone tissue dies and the bone often collapses due to a lack of blood flow to the top of the femur. This has happened to many SARS survivors who received hormonal treatments.
The doctor has used a myriad of treatments and much research to slow the cellular death of his patients' hips. He has employed surgery, intravenous infusions of traditional Chinese medicine, arterial injections, Western drips, DNA analyses - anything he can to maintain skeletal integrity.
He has saved hundreds of patients from losing their joints to metal replacements.
Source: China Daily

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