Monday, 14 January 2013

Why are 'stoic' Chinese women having Caesarean sections?

Why are Chinese women, traditionally so stoic about personal discomfort,  becoming less so in opting for C-sections instead of vaginal births?
Roughly 50 percent of women were opting for C-sections in 2007-8, according to one study of Chinese hospitals, the highest rate anywhere in the world.
Even women who attempt vaginal birth in China usually insist on an epidural – at least urban-dwelling women who have access to and the means to afford decent healthcare do.
“Firstly it’s not always the women making this decision,” [Shanghai midwife] MK explains. She says that most OB-GYNs in China push C-section as the best option as it is quicker than vaginal birth and most of them work in very over-crowded public hospitals.
“You can do 10 or 12 C-sections in a day compared to perhaps two or three vaginal births. There is also a shortage of midwives in Chinese hospitals so natural deliveries are a problem.
“Then there is the issue of the family. Chinese families, including the extended family, like to be present at the birth. Sometimes there will be 10 or more of them waiting in the hospital. If most of the patients are having C-sections, every 30 minutes or so the nurse comes out and whole crowd of people disperse. If every woman is having a natural birth, imagine the chaos of people. The doctors prefer C-sections for all these reasons.
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