Thursday, 31 January 2013

Who will pay the medical bills for those with no children?

A recent road accident that left a childless Beijing couple seriously injured has renewed calls to establish a system that can provide financial and other help to couples who have lost their only child.
Liu Juan, 52, was taking an evening stroll with her husband Li Shuwen on Jan 24 when they were hit by a metal height-limit rod, which had been knocked over by a truck.
She remains in a coma in intensive care at You'anmen Hospital, with a brain injury, while her husband Li suffered four fractured ribs and a bruised lung.
Liu Fuli, Liu's brother, is the only relative who has visited the couple.
"The doctor told me she is still in critical condition and the best result for her may be that she remains in a vegetative state for the rest of her life," he said.
Liu says he is already feeling the pressure of having to cover the couple's medical expenses.
"The medical fees have reached 90,000 yuan ($14,500) and if my sister stays one more day in ICU, I will be given another bill for about 8,000 yuan," he said.
"Next week, I have to borrow money to keep them in the hospital," he said.
No official figures are available on how many parents in China have lost their only child, but experts suggest it could be as many as 2 million.
Others are now campaigning for the creation of a fund for childless parents who face huge medical and nursing expenses.
Du Peng, a director of the Gerontology Institute at Renmin University of China, said the government should speed up the creation of a support system for parents in similar situations.
A legal framework must be set up, for instance, to allow legal guardians to be chosen to protect the interests and rights of older people, who become too old or sick to take care of themselves, Du said.
The latest amendment of laws governing senior citizens' rights, which is expected to take effect in July, will provide the legal basis for the government to act, he added.
Source: China Daily


  1. This incident can be taken to court for legal action. You don't have to pay expenses when it is proven that the accident is due to recklessness. Accidents happen but if we are just more careful, then it can be avoided.

    1. Correct. There should be a personal injury lawyer in charge to pursue their rights on this case.

  2. They could ask a legal expert about this. They should also seek help from public officials and anyone that could help them financially. Their expenses can be unbearable but saving lives is much worth it.


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