Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Three out of four Chinese women have never had a mammogram

by Michael Woodhead
Breast cancer incidence has increased dramatically among Chinese women in the past 20 years most have never had a mammogram and have little interest in undergoing screening, a new study has found.
A survey conducted in 400 women in Wuhan flu d that 75% of the women never had a mammogram. Most women felt that there was little need to have breast cancer screening, especially if they were healthy, and many showed a lack of awareness and knowledge of breast cancer screening.
The study researchers said that the changes in breast cancer incidence and distribution of breast cancer patterns in Chinese women present opportunities for developing and implementing effective public health programs to promote breast cancer screening for women in China.
"It is essential that public health campaigns focus on the importance of early detection and prevention that target both general public and health care professionals working directly with their clients," they say.
They note that the concept of screening while asymptomatic is lacking among Chinese women and a low priority toward breast cancer screening was observed in the study.
"As a result, this study highlights a critical need among general public, health professionals, and the health care system to work collaboratively toward narrowing the gap in breast cancer screening and to improve the quality of breast cancer care in this population.
Source: International Journal of Breast Cancer

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