Friday, 18 January 2013

Shanghai medics win award for liver cancer research

A Shanghai medical research team received a prize at a high-profile science and technology award ceremony in Beijing this morning in recognition of their innovative treatment of liver cancer.
The team, led by Wu Mengchao, world-renowned liver surgeon with the Shanghai Eastern Hepatobiliary Surgery Hospital, has made breakthroughs in liver cancer research.
For the first time, a team innovation award was created for the National Science and Technology Awards to honor Wu's team.
A total of 337 research projects received the national awards this year and 51 of them were headed by Shanghai professionals, the report said.
This year's top science and technology award went to two veteran academicians of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Zheng Zhemin, 89, and Wang Xiaomo, 75. Wang is from Shanghai.
It is also the first time for the national government to confer the nation's top science and technology awards to military equipment specialists, China Radio International reported.
Source: Shanghai Daily

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