Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Schools warned to guard against respiratory disease

The Ministry of Education has urged primary and middle schools to take effective measures, including health campaigns and regular checks, to protect students from respiratory diseases.
In a circular released Tuesday, the ministry ordered schools and kindergartens to take note of students who are absent due to infections and to keep track of the students' health status.
Citing the Ministry of Health, the circular said many regions in North China are already in a high-risk period for respiratory disease outbreaks, adding that South China will soon follow amid dropping temperatures.
Schools were told to ensure proper air flow in classrooms, dorms and cafeterias, as well as arrange for personnel to clean rooms. They were also told to encourage their students to frequently wash their hands and change their clothes.
According to the circular, schools should launch hygiene campaigns to encourage staff and students to develop healthy habits.
Schools should ensure one hour of exercise for students, the circular said.
Source: China Daily

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