Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Iron and vitamin supplements not needed to improve pregnancy outcomes: Chinese study

Prenatal iron–folic acid and other micronutrient supplements provide no extra benefit to Chinese women in perinatal mortality or other infant outcomes beyond any benefit conferred by folic acid alone , a major study has shown.
In a randomized double-blind controlled trial, 18 775 nulliparous pregnant women with mild or no anemia were enrolled from five counties of northern China from May 2006 through April 2009. Women were randomly assigned to daily folic acid (400 μg) (control), folic acid–iron (30 mg), or folic acid, iron, and 13 additional vitamins and minerals provided before 20 weeks gestation to delivery.  Compared with daily prenatal folic acid, supplementation with iron–folic acid with or without other micronutrients did not affect the rate of perinatal mortality or other adverse maternal and infant outcomes except  for third-trimester maternal anemia.
Source: JAMA Internal Medicine.

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