Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Guangdong doctors take 10,000 RMB a month in pharmaceutical company bribes: police investigate

A special task force has been sent to the city of Gaozhou in western Guangdong province on Tuesday to investigate a case involving doctors at a local hospital accepting commissions from drug manufacturers and sales representatives.
Yao Zhibin, director-general of Guangdong provincial health department, said the special task force will work closely with the local Party discipline watchdog and police to launch a thorough investigation into the case, which has tarnished the image of local medical organizations and medical staff.
"Those who are found to have violated laws and relevant regulations and rules will be seriously punished," said Yao.
The special task force was established when a TV report revealed last week that doctors from Gaozhou City People's Hospital accepted commissions of more than 20 percent from drug manufacturers and sales representatives.
According to the TV report, doctors from the hospital asked for up to 25 percent of the drugs' prices as commission.
A doctor can usually get between 5,000 yuan ($805) and 10,000 yuan in commission a month from the drug company representatives and manufacturers.
The TV report also showed footage in which doctors from the hospital accepted cash from sales representatives and manufacturers in a parking lot near the hospital.
One representative of a manufacturer gave doctors at the hospital more than 3.6 million yuan in commission for the sale of medicines valued at 18 million yuan to the hospital.
The hospital has yet to comment on the case.
Source: China Daily

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