Friday, 4 January 2013

Chinese rush to buy non-prescription drugs overseas

As more Chinese tourists travel overseas, they are also bringing back non-prescription drugs and vitamin supplements purchased on their trips, the Chinese-language Guangzhou Daily reported.
Many people in China are firm believers in taking drugs and supplements for their health, which is why such products often appeared on their shopping lists when they go abroad, the newspaper said.
Vitamin supplements sold in Europe are highly sought-after, such as Altapharma products, which can be found in several supermarket chains in Germany, the newspaper said. Another popular European drug is Fluimucil A, which is used to treat wet coughs.
Besides vitamins, most medicinal products bought by Chinese visitors to Japan are those used for children, including cold medicine, cooling sheets for children with a fever, and seirogan — a drug used to treat digestive problems.
Japan is also well-known for selling a vast variety of patches that ease muscle soreness, including those that create a cooling effect and those which produce a warm sensation. Compared with similar products in China that often give off a bad odor, the Japanese versions are easy to peel away and are scented, the newspaper said.
Several drugs sold in Thailand are also popular among Chinese visitors, including Siribuncha's and Povidone-lodine's solution for treating burns and cuts, and Ya Hom Powder of Five Pagodas Pharmacy, which can be used for treating stomach ailments and motion sickness.
Another popular product sold in several Southeast Asian countries is Tiger Balm, an ointment used for treating bug bites, headaches, a stuffy nose, motion sickness and sore muscles as well as sundry other purposes.
Source: Want China Times

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