Saturday, 5 January 2013

Chinese medical website DXY gets a $100 million boost

Chinese bioscience website DXY (丁香园, Ding Xiang Yuan or Lilac Garden) has reportedly completed B-round financing of about $100 million, which has been confirmed by DXY’s chief technology officer Feng Dahui. At present, all funds are already in place.
The investment was led by Shunwei Fund and followed by DCM, which participated in the A-round financing of DXY as well.
DXY, founded in July 2000, is one of the largest bioscience websites in China, attracting over 3.5 million professionals in the medical, pharmaceutical and bioscience sectors. It provides a social platform for the communication of professional medicine and bioscience knowledge.
Data from DXY reveals that the number of its registered users has exceeded 3 million.
At present, DXY owns DXY BBS (bulletin board system), a recruitment platform, an information-publishing platform, web video and micro-blog platforms on PC terminals and has also issued two apps: “Medicine Assistant” and “Family Medicine” on mobile terminals.
“We have more professional medical knowledge than other ordinary Internet teams focusing on technology and know more Internet technology than other ordinary medicine teams,” said Feng of DXY’s core advantages. “Moreover, we always insist on doing the right thing.” will speed up the development and invest more in human capital and mobile Internet sectors to issue more apps in medical area. “The healthcare system in China is far from perfect, and the demands of ordinary people for healthcare services are huge,” said Feng.
Compared to 2011, the mobile users have increased tenfold in 2012. “There are huge opportunities in mobile Internet market,” added Feng.
Source: Morning Whistle

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