Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Wuhan surgeon attributes success to playing Counter Strike

Dr Jiang Bin says playing Counter Strike helped his manual surgical skills
Post 80's generation Chinese (people born on and after 1980) get a lot of flack in China for being a group of entitled children. The reasoning behind this scorn for the post 80's generation partially has to do with the fact that they were born during a time when China first started economic reforms and haven't really had to deal with any hardships such as the "Cultural Revolution".
Another issue is supposedly that this generation, which grew up with video games and systems such as the Nintendo Famicom (NES), are weak and self absorbed with everything handed to them. Well one post 80s Chinese surgeon has proved the stereotypes wrong by placing in the top three of a national surgery contest. And, he claims it was all due to countless hours playing Counter Strike.
Thirty one year-old Wuhan surgeon Jiang Bin placed third during this year's national "basic medical skills" competition this year. Not only did Dr. Jiang place third in the nation, he was also the youngest contestant to compete.
The competition comprised of various basic surgery skills including non-invasive surgery. Stacked up against some of China's best doctors, Dr. Jiang said he was very nervous but was confident in his skills, skills that he claims he gained because of his past playing Counter Strike!
Dr. Jiang says that he used to play lots of Counter Strike when he was in college and that many of the skills in CS such as fast and steady hand eye coordination were essential to becoming a good surgeon. During the surgery portion of the competition Dr. Jiang scored amongst the highest, with a 4.7 out of a possible 5.
Taking Dr. Jiang as an example, I guess Chinese parents can't really say playing video games is a waste of time anymore can they?
Source: Kotaku

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