Sunday, 16 December 2012

"My experience in a Beijing hospital - good once you've paid upfront"

I’m recovering from an operation carried out in a Beijing hospital recently and I thought some of you might be interested to know what that was like.
Obviously I wasn’t seriously ill and this would be called “elective surgery”, that is, I’d been putting it off for years and I wanted to get it sorted out before I retire next month. It was no big deal but the symptoms can be annoying at times and something had to be done sometime. It was about sorting out the effects on one's body of having five children. Enough said. We have a good global insurance policy with our job, which helps a lot.
I will only talk about hospital services in Beijing, because that is all I know. Perhaps it is multi-layered but up there at the top for Westerners is Beijing United Family Hospital. When I first arrived in China, a man who had been living here for many years told me that the only hospital he would ever go to is BUFH. Having been there earlier this year, I have to say it is absolutely amazing! I felt like I was the only patient in the place – no waiting for an appointment, no waiting to be seen, the undivided attention of the consultant, cheerful, charming nurses, the most modern facilities, etc. Mind you, it is very expensive, so really only for people with good global insurance.
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