Monday, 3 December 2012

Chinese Christians jailed after running medical clinics and evangelising

Nine Christians were detained for evangelising and holding medical clinics near Tongliao
Nine Christians providing medical services in rural areas of Inner Mongolia were detained by local police who also confiscated medical equipment and sentenced two of the Christians to labor camp. 
On July 26, six Christians set out from the city of Tongliao in Inner Mongolia for rural parts of the autonomous region, stopping in places such as Jarud Banner, Tuquan County in Hinggan League,  and the village of Shumugou, in Alide Sumu (township), in the Horqin Right Front Banner, where they held free medical clinics and evangelized among those who came for medical attention. 
Five days later, on Aug. 1, they were in the hamlet of Zhongxinbu, in Shumugou village, Horqin Right Front Banner, in the city of Ulanhot, where they were providing medical services to the local people.  Around 4 p.m., a local resident warned them that the police might be coming and advised them to leave quickly, which they did.  However, they were stopped on the road by Domestic Security Protection agents of the Public Security Bureau, who detained them at the Horqin Right Front Banner police station and confiscated their van, medical equipment including an EKG machine and a laptop.  
At 5 p.m. on Aug. 3, the Horqin Right Front Banner's Domestic Security Protection agents notified the families of the detainees and said they were being held for engaging in illegal evangelism.  However, the Domestic Security Protection agents never provided the families with the legally required written notifications of their detention.  It was not until Aug. 22, when the wife of Chen Hong, one of the detainees, went to the Domestic Security Protection Squad that she was able to get hold of the formal detention notice, but the families of the other detainees still have not received the formal  written notifications.  The deputy squad head asked Chen's wife questions related to the religious beliefs of the detainees.  The reason given for their detention was that they were suspected of using cult activities to interfere with law enforcement. 
On Sept. 1, the Re-education Through Labor Management Committee of Hinggan League handed down its decision notification sentencing Ms. Sun and Ms. Ren to two years in a re-education-through-labor camp. 
Zhang Kai, a well-known Christian lawyer from Beijing, and several other local lawyers are jointly handling the case, and the six victims, including Ms. Sun, have submitted a request for an administrative review of their case. 

Source: China Aid

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