Monday, 10 December 2012

Army general is new president of the Chinese Medical Association

New CMA president General Zhang Yan Ling says he will try to rebuild doctor-patient trust
by Michael Woodhead
A military physician, PLA general Zhang Yan Ling, has been elected as president of the Chinese Medical Association.
General Zhang, who was previously vice president of the CMA, is well know for his work in the front line of fighting the SARs outbreak in China in 2003.
A native of Hebei Province, Zhang Yan Ling was  born in 1952, joined the army in 1970,  became a Party member in 1973 and in 1978 graduated from the Xi'an Fourth Military Medical University. Since then he has worked as a military physician and medical educator.  During the SARS outbreak of April, 2003 he was appointed by the Central Military Commission as director of the Xiaotangshan "SARS" emergency hospital, where he worked round the clock to help contain the outbreak.
He has also been director of medical education at the National Defense University, vice minister in the PLA General Logistics Department of the Ministry of Health and in 2006 he was appointed president of Second Military Medical University. In July 2005 he was promoted to the rank of major general and in 2008 he was appointed Minister of General Logistics Department of Health.
Founded ten years ago, the Chinese Medical Association was  has developed into 39 local associations and 51 secondary specialised branches for physicians, surgeons and other specialists. President Zhang  says he hopes the CMA will bring together government departments and people from all walks of life and act as a bridge to feedback grassroots opinion for physicians. He wants the CMA to gain cooperation of the media to  fully reflect the feelings and aspirations of the majority of physicians, and the advances being made by healthcare He says he wants strong policy support for learning, and work-life balance for physicians, a positive atmosphere of public opinion and a good social environment.
  He also said he will also resolutely resist the adverse social atmosphere against doctors and hospitals and hopes to win widespread social respect and trust for doctors in China, and he will strive to build a harmonious relationship between doctors and patients, and shaping a good image of the health industry. He says the CMA will strive to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of doctors, in particular, the effective protection of human dignity and personal safety of doctors in practice through maintenance of normal medical order.
  Zhang Yan Ling said the CMA also needs to vigorously promote the standardisation of residency training, medical humanities training and legal regulations training in the clinical use of drugs. Doctors also need to continuously improve scientific management and there needs to be in-depth implementation of the code of conduct for medical institutions, improved physician practice qualifications and specialist technology access.
Source: CMT

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