Monday, 19 November 2012

Urban Chinese: 15% are obese and 19% are overweight

Obesity and overweight have become epidemic in urban populations in China; and associations of risk factors with obesity differ between men and women.
A sample of 25,196 urban adults aged 18 to 74 years in Northeast China was selected and measurements of height, weight and waist circumference were taken from 2009-2010. Definitions of overweight and obesity by the WHO were used. The overall prevalence rates of general obesity and overweight classified by BMI were 15.0% (15.7% for men and 14.3% for women) and 19.2% (20.8% for men and 17.7% for women), respectively, and the overall prevalence rate of abdominal obesity was 37.6% (31.1% for men and women 43.9% for women). The elderly and those who had a history of parental obesity, alcohol drinking, or former cigarette smoking were at high risk of obesity classified by BMI or waist circumference, whereas those with a higher level of education, higher family income, or a healthy and balanced diet were at low risk of obesity. Men with a higher level education level, a white-collar job, a cadre job, or higher family income were the high risk group, and women with a higher level of education or higher family income were the low risk group.

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