Thursday, 15 November 2012

Only 40% of diabetes in China is diagnosed

Only 40 percent of China's estimated 92 million diabetes patients get diagnosed, which seriously undermines early treatment for sufferers and the nation's overall intervention efficiency, a leading specialist warned.
Ji Linong, president of the Chinese Diabetes Society under the Chinese Medical Association, made the remarks at an event on Tuesday to mark World Diabetes Day, which falls on Nov 14 every year.
According to Ji, the number of diabetes patients on the mainland has doubled over the past decade, and about 9.7 percent of the population aged 20 and older suffer from the chronic disease related to a high-fat diet and sedentary lifestyle.
"Early detection and treatment could well avert or delay the development of complications and help lower treatment costs," Ji said.
Diabetics who do not receive early treatment could suffer a heart attack, kidney failure or serious complications that result in amputation, he said.
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