Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Nurse stabbed to death by disgruntled patient at Anhui hospital

On November 13 at the Second Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University a man with a kitchen knife stabbed five staff, killing a nursing sister and injuring four others, two seriously.
According to a Xin'an Evening News reporter, the alleged attacker had previously been receiving treatment at the hospital but had been unable to pay medical bills, and so the hospital has suspended the supply of drugs. He is said to have left and then returned  with a kitchen knife and attacked the nursing station in the urology department. The local police rushed to the scene after receiving the alarm and quickly arrested the suspect. According to reports, Ms Dai Moumou, a 36-year-old urology sister was killed after being stabbed in the neck. The other victims included  a deputy chief physician, an attending physician and a male and female nurse. Hospital staff and managers paid tribute to the deceased nurse, saying she was an outstanding and dedicated worker who set a great example as nursing leader and teacher, as well being a selfless,  hard working and kind.
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