Thursday, 22 November 2012

Nanjing hospital's RMB 7 million piano sparks outrage

The RMB 7 million piano in the lobby of the Nanjing Gulou Hospital

by Michael Woodhead 
Nanjing Gulou Hospital has been criticised for installing a RMB7 million piano in the lobby of its new building.
The Gulou Hospital, a leading public hospital in the city, has been overwhelmed with criticism about the value of the new piano, which it said was installed as part of a lobby coffee shop to create a soothing and comfortable atmosphere for patients and visitors.
Nanjing residents said online that public hospitals should certainly improve their medical environment, "but these environmental improvements should focus on treatment services directly related to the hospital, such as easing the suffering of patients, more spacious and clean treatment rooms, more comfortable seating and more functional beds. "
Critics said  that an expensive piano and a coffee shop are not essential facilities for a public hospital. "If you want to listen to music you can go to the mall or hotel, you can go to Starbucks to drink coffee, the hospital only needs to focus on treatment rooms, beds and clinic facilities for patients."
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