Thursday, 15 November 2012

My Shanghai hospital experience - by Kari Lindberg

 This past spring a slow lingering cold festered in my body for two months. Having never fully gotten rid of it through neglect I allowed it to develop into something much more serious. As the first week of May hit I was beginning to lose the energy to get out of bed. My throat glands were swelling up to the size of golf balls. It could not have been plainer that now was the opportune time for a hospital visit.
Having tried a western hospital before I decided why not try a Chinese hospital? The downside would be I'd have to have a good dictionary along. The plus side would be that I’d save money.
Arriving at Chang Hai (长海医院) Hospital near Fudan University, I had landed in unfamiliar territory. Not having the slightest idea of which department to go I went to the front desk, explained my symptoms to the nurses there. Miraculously, the nurses at the front desk told me which department to go to. By luck I had stumbled across the first step in the Chinese hospital diagnostic system.
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