Monday, 19 November 2012

Ministry of Health sets up national telemedicine training centre

The Ministry of Health has approved the establishment of a national telemedicine management training centre in the Sino-Japanese Friendship Hospital in Beijing.
Commissioned by the Ministry of Health, the centre will mainly carry out the following tasks:
1. Collecting and  analysing information about telemedicine at home and abroad to study the opinions and suggestions for the development of a telemedicine system;
2. Assist the Ministry of Health set up a national telemedicine QC network, to organise and carry out quality control work;
3. Organise the drafting of telemedicine management standards, to carry out the training of professionals in telemedicine.     I
The Ministry of Health has established a national telemedicine training centre to promote the integration of China's medical resources through modern information technology and to improve the capacity of primary health care services. The centre will also seek to resolve telemedicine technology standards that are currently not uniform, and to promote information sharing and interoperability between systems. It will also promote telemedicine demonstration sites and the establishment of standards and norms of the development of telemedicine and promotion through training, to promote sustainable development of telemedicine.

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