Thursday, 15 November 2012

Clinical trials "crash and burn" in China due to poor communication

Zoe Doran, head of clinical research for Oxford University’s diabetes trials unit, told attendees at PCT Europe about the difficulties faced in the on-going Acarbose Cardiovascular Evaluation (ACE) end-point study in China. She said a lack of connection between hospital sites and therapeutic departments means many trials “crash and burn”,and that the situation is off-putting for contract research organisations (CROs). “People don’t talk to each other there,” she said.
“There is no connection between departments in the same hospital site, so it’s especially difficult to get communication between the therapy areas on different hospital sites.”
Big differences in the way CROs run clinical sites also present issues for sponsors, for instance in trial funding. Doran explained that giving funding to a site does not necessarily mean they will resource the study as in any other country, and that access to money is not limited to an administrative overhead.
“This admin site could take the whole lot. Or if they’re going to give money to the study team it won’t be until the end of the trial,” she said adding that physicians may even syphon money considering it “additional income rather than extra funding.”
Poor stability in local CROs, which have a tendency to change clinical research analysts (CRAs) every three months, also hinders sponsor-vendor relationships.
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