Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Chinese Medical Association warns of CME scam

The Chinese Medical Association (CMA) says it has received reports of a website purporting to offer medical CME credit certificates on behalf of the education activities accredited by the CMA.
The CMA says the website (www.cmacme.net ) is not recognized, is counterfeit and is nothing to do with the CMA.
"These acts of fraud interfere with the normal work of the Chinese Medical Association, causing a bad influence, and have caused great losses to the majority of participants, the CMA said in a statement.
"In order for healthy and orderly development of the CME industry as a whole, the Chinese Medical Association has warned the responsible person to stop this behavior and to eliminate the adverse effects. The Chinese Medical Association  retains the right for the relevant persons responsible be held accountable. It has also reminded students to be vigilant, and carefully identify various sources of continuing medical education credits certificate and check website. According to the CMA,  there are simple and effective steps for identification of acts of fraud. CME programs organized by the Chinese Medical Association have never given or sold trainees any password card, IC card or electronic credit certificate granted cards and other cards. Any payment card, is a scam. In addition, CME programs organized by the Chinese Medical Association award credits certificate that are collected by the project organizers and uploaded to the Society official website (www.cma.org.cn). Anything that can be added at any time to personal information such as names of participants, not projects focused unified release credits certificate information, is a hoax. Since 2011, the national CME programs organized by the Chinese Medical Association have issued printed paper credits certificate, and authenticity can be checked online.

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