Sunday, 18 November 2012

Chinese healthcare: Gangnam style

A total of 30 people participated in a Gangnam-style healthcare video, says Wei Xiang, trade union chairman of the Henan Provincial Chest Hospital. Participants included several patients hospitalized in the hospital and the protagonist is the "hospital director of thoracic surgery".
The video of the dance by Henan Chest Hospital staff included doctors, nurses, gardeners, security and others, became immediately popular online with 5,000 comments in the first day it was posted, and the "hospital director of thoracic surgery" Zhang Junan has inadvertently became popular.
When asked about the reason for shooting the video, Lei Xinjiang, party secretary of the Henan Provincial Chest Hospital, said Gangnam style was popular throughout the world, loved by the people, and the main reason is the music is inspiring people happy. However, shooting this subject as a medical unit, the conception had to be in line with the party committee and government policy, embodied under the premise of the people demands. Therefore the hospital determined it should reflect the expectations of both doctors and patients around the harmonious relationship between doctors and patients, reflecting medical unit practitioners in a relaxed and happy work environment.
Lei Xinjiang said doctors and nurses go to work every day and are faced with different kinds of patients with a variety of the disease, which is not a cause for laughter, so this creates work pressure. The aim of the "Gangnam style" is to bring some humour and reflect their relaxed working environment with roles acted by drivers, cleaners and security.
 Zhang Junan the 'star' started 10 years ago in the hospital as a security guard, has 20 years of dance as a hobby and in his spare time began to teach dance. Now, he can be found teaching at the regular dance locations in the local square. "I did not expect such fame," he says."

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