Wednesday, 14 November 2012

China's medical equipment market shows huge growth

The Chinese healthcare and medical equipment market is on a growth spurt that has Western OEMs salivating over its sales potentials, and priming their supply chain for profit opportunities in the world's most populous nation. Danger looms in the $357 billion market, however, and failure to understand the challenges of China's evolving healthcare industry could lead to missed opportunities and losses for medical equipment vendors, according to a research firm.
Researcher and market consultancy McKinsey projects the Chinese healthcare sector will nearly triple in value to $1 trillion by 2020 (from $357 billion in 2011) on demographic changes, increased investment under the country's latest 5-year plan, and the increased involvement of the private sector in healthcare delivery. The mouthwatering growth has attracted Western multinationals in droves, but according to McKinsey, an inevitable shakeout in the industry could leave many late starters and losers disappointed.

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