Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Beijing scientists first to discover hepatitis B receptor

[translated] by Michael Woodhead

Researchers at the Beijing Institute of Life Sciences have finally revealed the true nature of the cell surface receptor molecule for the Hepatitis B virus ( HBV ) .
The discovery of the receptor, to which the hepatitis B and hepatitis D viruses must bind for host cell infection, will help researchers understand the mechanism of hepatitis B infection.
The work was completed by a  team led by Dr Li Wenhui at the Beijing Institute of Life Sciences, and the research published online in the eLife magazine for 11 January 13,2011 , entitled "Taurocholic acid sodium ion transporter polypeptide hepatitis B and hepatitis D virus functional receptors". The magazine is the leading magazine of the international field of life sciences.
The search for the receptor has been on for decades and Li Wenhui team's discovery has caused a sensation among international peers. Dr. Steven Fung, a professor at the University of Heidelberg, Germany, said "the outstanding results of the HBV research areas can not be underestimated, and will be changing the the HBV field of research, and will also will likely lead to the development of new hepatitis B treatments and drugs for the benefit of hepatitis B patients."
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