Thursday, 15 November 2012

Beijing hospitals promote mutual help program for diabetes patients

Four Beijing hospitals are to offer training to diabetics on how to better control their condition, thanks to a pilot project of an international program.
The Beijing Diabetes Prevention and Treatment Association has teamed up with Peers for Progress to develop a project in which patients support each other to manage the disorder.
"It will provide a service doctors are not able to offer," said Chen Wei, director of the association.
Hospitals taking part include Peking Union Medical College Hospital and a private hospital that specializes in diabetes treatment.
Chen, who is also a doctor at the medical college hospital, said the association began collaborating with large hospitals in urban and suburban areas seven years ago, providing monthly lectures on treating diabetes. However, he said the effect had been limited.
"Many patients don't follow advice strictly because they don't know how they can do the everyday treatment on their own," he said. "A peer support program aims to make this possible.
"For example, a patient may need someone to tell him how to reduce the pain of daily insulin injections. The person in the best position to do that is another diabetic who can share their experience, not a doctor."

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  1. As a fellow patient, I agree with this article. One can only understand when experimenting the same. It is a great initiative from the hospitals.


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