Thursday, 15 November 2012

Beijing hospital opens atrial fibrillation hotline

Patients with atrial fibrillation who require medication adjustment can now call a consultant. Beijing Tongren Hospital has officially opened a hotline for atrial fibrillation patients with problems answered by professional doctors and trained nurses. Changsheng Ma, Beijing Tongren Hospital, director of the Cardiovascular Center, Beijing says the hospital will establish a heart specialist online platform to answer the problems encountered by community physicians admissions. Beijing Tongren Hospital has opened a specialist out-patient clinic for atrial fibrillation, and now has also opened a hotline for atrial fibrillation, which has two full-time staff to answer patients questions.   Changsheng Ma revealed that the hospital also has plans to build an online consulting Q & A platform to strengthen the capacity of the primary care doctors to diagnose heart disease, Beijing Tongren Hospital Cardiovascular Center and its doctors will be online for all community physicians to answer the admissions process problems encountered. The platform is expected to enable before and after the New Year's Day of next year.

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