Thursday, 22 November 2012

Anger as Shenzhen children allowed to urinate in hospital waiting rooms

Some parents allow children to urinate and defecate in hospital waiting areas

by Michael Woodhead
The Shenzhen Evening News has reported that parents started to quarrel and fight at Shenzhen City Children's Hospital after two sets of parents taking their children for treatment complained about two other sets of parents who let their children defacate in the waiting area.  
After the reports were published, many people called the newspaper to agree and to say the Children's Hospital is always fouled and has a bad odour. Hospital staff also called the newspaper to say that  parents often ignore the rules and let their children urinate and defacate everywhere in the hospital.
A reporters who visited the hospital confirmed this, saying that 'incontinent' children can be seen and two such incidents were witnessed by the reporter during his brief visit.
spokesman for the  hospital management said the situation with children being allowed by parents to go to the toilet on the floor was "disastrous", and cleaners had to deal with a dozen such incidents a day.
Children with diarrhea were even seen infusion room, the said with frustration. The newspaper reporter witnessed this and saw discarded nappies and waste and even saw parents feeding their children instant noodles not far away from where children had urinated or defacated on the floor.
 When the reporter asked whether they were worried about infectious diseases from bodily waste,  the parents told reporters that they had no choice over the dirty environment and they could only give teir hungry child something to eat.
The father of a one year old toddler with diarrhoea in the hospital who was in the infusion room being tube fed said that in normal times, they would bring your baby into the toilet. However,  the baby had gastroenteritis and had lsot control of its bowels - and it was too small and unable to speak and say when to go to the toilet. He also said they had already run out of nappies.  He suggested that hospital cleaning staff in hospitals  put plastic bags, mops and buckets for parents of child going to the toilet to use.
Other parents said they wish that the hospital will increase the frequency of cleaning, disinfecting.   mangers aid there were almost 100 hospital cleaning but the habit of urinating and defacating in public was  widespread.
For this reason, hospital cleaning services had implemented three shifts and 24 hours of cleaning.
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