Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Accident hero can't pay 100,000 RMB hospital bill

A Shandong high school student who risked his life to save a classmate from being hit by a truck is seriously injured and faces medical bills exceeding 100,000 yuan. Gong Yuben, 18, a student in southern Shandong province, lost most of his right leg and doctors may be forced to amputate his left foot. Gong was riding on the back of an electric bicycle driven by classmate Chu Haowhen when a lorry suddenly rushed toward them. Gong pushed Chu out of the way and was struck by the lorry. Gong lost most of his right leg and underwent two major operations at People's Hospital of Taierzhuang District. He was transferred to Central Hospital of Zaozhuang Mining Bureau on Nov 17. "The boy's physical state is very bad with severe anemia. There is infection and necrosis on the surface of the wound. There are still a lot of potential problems. The injury makes the situation very difficult to judge. Whether his left foot can be secured or not is still uncertain," said Xia Qing, 34, director of the hospital's orthopedics department. As the class committee member in charge of sports activities, Gong enjoys playing basketball. "My son always dreamed of entering a military academy and joining the army. But now all are impossible," said his father Gong Guangyong, a 44-year-old security guard with Taierzhuang District Security Company. "The driver of the lorry cannot afford our medical fee. I was diagnosed with a mild concussion, but I stayed in the hospital for only 4 days. Daben's family is poor as well. I had to save the money for Daben," Chu said. Before Gong Yuben was transferred to another hospital, the medical fee had exceeded 100,000 yuan. Gong Guangyong only makes around 1,000 yuan a month. Gong Yuben's mother doesn't have a job. His family is classified as low-income and receives an allowance from the local government.  
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